Photo Models Information

This page is for those of you that wish to model for me. I will explain to you what I expect from you and what you can expect from me. If you have any specific questions, I will be more then happy to answer them. You can contact me Via my Model Contact Form

Who am I

Let me first explain that I am a "Professional Photographer". This allows me to do what I want, when I want, without having to "Work" for someone else. I take photos to express myself and give me the artistic outlet that I need. I'm also always trying to learn something new each time I pick up my camera. What this means to you is that I'm always open to new ideas and suggestions. If you have a look or setting that you want to try, then lets talk about it. I believe that a photo is a combined effort that both the model and photographer are deeply involved in.

What Do I Want

Most of my photographs that use a model involve artistic nudes. I will work with a model that is not interested in this type of photography. If you have a problem modeling nude or semi-nude, lets discuss that right up front. All my photographs are of an artistic nature. I do not do any type of X-rated work. Most of my work is in a style very similar to Robert Farber. If your interested in seeing my work please visit my gallery.

How do I conduct myself with a model

When I work with a photo model I will always conduct myself in a professional manner, and arraignments I make with you to model, are strictly professional in nature. I will never touch a model in any way. If you need assistance with a pose or need me to help you position yourself I will always ask first. And I will always tell you what kind of image I am trying to get. I understand that for some people nude modeling can be a little difficult to get into. I will work with you and I can be very reassuring. You should not think "I don't look good enough to model" or "I'm too fat" or "My breasts are not big enough". I'm the artist, let me help you to look great. You'll be surprised how good you look with the proper lighting and atmosphere.

What you will get from me

I usually work TFP (Time For Prints) or TFCD (Time for Compact Disk of images) plus a small monetary compensation to make the release legal. My standard compensation is usually $25 per session plus a fixed number of images from each shoot. With an 8 image maximum. I will provide you with electronic versions of the photos (CD) so you can promote yourself through the Internet and you will also be listed in my gallery in the model's section, with your stats and contact information. Remember I will not be selling any of the work I do. It is strictly for my own portfolio and my web gallery. This rate is negotiable, so if the above is not to your standards, I'm willing to discuss it with you. For this compensation you will need to sign a limited model release, allowing me to use and publish the images I take of you. this same release will allow you to use the images I give you for self-promotion. I normally place the images as high resolution on a standard CD ROM. All images will contain my copyright which should remain on all versions of the image that you use.

What do I expect from you

There are a few things that I expect from a model. Now I realize that not everyone that poses for me is a professional model. But just as you expect things from me, like wise, I expect things from you. One very important thing to me is that if we set a time and date to get together, I expect you to be there on time and ready to go. Just as I would never make an appointment with you, then just not show up. I would expect that you would give me the same consideration. Now I do realize that things come up, but a phone call to let me know would be nice. I have set aside time to devote to you. If you can't make it for one reason or another, let me know. I will be very up front with you as to what kind of image I am trying to get and I will discuss it with you in advance of your arriving for the shoot. If you feel at all uncomfortable with the images I'm trying to get, please let me know before you arrive for the shoot. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if I made a complete about face with the subject of the shoot just before you arrive. Since I do most of my model recruiting from the web I use E-mail a lot to communicate with the models. I will answer any e-mail I received promptly, and I expect the same from a model. If you find after our initial email that you are not interested in working with me. An E-mail stating that would be appreciated. Please don't just ignore my last e-mail. I check my E-mail almost every day. Please try and do the same. I'm sure you wouldn't like it if I took two weeks to answer your e-mail.

Model Safety

Your safety before, during and after a shoot is a top priority with me. I will make every effort to make you feel comfortable and safe when you are working with me. This is by no means intended to scare you. But it is worth mentioning just the same. This list is by no means a complete and fool proof list to ensure your safety, but rather as points to think about. You should always consider the following when you are working for any photographer.

  1. Use a stage name when promoting yourself on the web. Never use your real name or address on the Internet or when you are advertising for work. A pager and an unlisted phone number are two other very good ideas. Be sure that the photographer only uses your stage name when he publishes or displays your picture.
  2. Meet with the photographer in a public place before the shoot. Whenever possible try and meet the photographer face to face. You can use the opportunity to discuss the details of the shoot and to decide if you will be able to work with this person.
  3. Does the photographer know what it is he or she wants from the session? Any photographer will know what type of image he or she wants from a session and should be able to explain it to you.
  4. Is the photographer willing to give you his exact address and phone number? If a photographer is unwilling to tell you his business address or some other permanent address, or give you his phone number. I would avoid him or her. Plus how can you tell someone where you will be in case of an emergency?
  5. Ask to see a sample of the photographer's work. He or she should be more then happy to show you their work. You can also see if you like the images he or she produces.
  6. Tell someone where you will be and what time to expect you back. If your late getting home someone can try and track you down. It could be as simple as a flat tire, but its better to be safe.
  7. Set up a check in schedule. You should have someone that you can call when you arrive at the shoot to let then know your ok. A secret code word that only you and your contact know is a good way to make sure you are ok and safe. Call before you leave so everyone knows your still ok. If your going to be late, be sure your call in and tell someone that. There is nothing more embarrassing then having the police show up only to find you forgot to make a phone call.
  8. Use your secret code word when you call in. If you should forget to use the code word, your contact should prompt you for it. If you don't use it, they are to hang up and call the police.
  9. Bring a chaperone. Bring someone with you to the shoot, there is safety in numbers. But a boyfriend or relative might not be a good choice, especially if you're doing any nude modeling. This person should not get in the way or be a distraction to you or the photographer.

They're many other things that you can do to protect yourself. And a professional photographer should be willing to accommodate you with any reasonable request.

Contacting Me

I would be more then happy to meet with you to discuses modeling for me. If you are interested, please E-mail me to set a time and place to meet. Again you can use my Model Contact Form to get in touch with me. I live in Northwest New Jersey, and am willing to travel a reasonable distance to accommodate you. If you're interested in seeing some of my work please visit my gallery.