Through My Eyes

Welcome to my gallery. All the works that you will find in here are little glimpses into my life and experiences. I started in photography many years ago, and it is only in the last 15 years that I have been seriously pursuing this medium as an artistic expression of my life.

I am an amateur photographer, now this is a term that has many meanings. To me it just means that I don't depend on income from my photography to pay the bills. This leaves me free to express myself in ways that I wish to, without having to do what someone else wants me to do.

I, like most, started out in color photography. I found that my pictures tend to concentrate on form, shape, and texture. I like to explore things close up. So a lot of my photos look at life from a very different perspective.

8 years ago I started working in black and white. I came to find that my style of picture taking lent itself very well to this medium. I could concentrate more on the shape and texture, without color getting in the way of the subject I was trying to present.

I'm now into artistic nudes. The human body is just full of shapes and textures. And each person is different, so I have plenty of new subjects to concentrate on. My only problem is finding models. As you might imagine, not everyone is willing to pose nude. Understandable, Yes, but a bit frustrating at times.

MODELS: I am always looking for models, amateur and professional alike. I am very professional when I work with a model, and all of my work is tasteful and artistic. I do not do X-rated work. If you are interested in working with me you can use my models contact form. If you want more information please read my Models Information Page

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